Salt (1)

As I approach the end of college, I am happy to present my future work and goals in this blog. My goal in life is to work for myself, or at least be happy with what I do. I don’t see myself joining the 9-5 crowd soon after graduation — no — that’s just not how I roll. Maybe someday I’ll accept being confined to an office, but my current goals are to establish the entrepreneurial spirit in myself to get by and create the change I want to see in the world by doing so. Stick around.

Scrambles, part two

It has nothing to do with part one. Scrambles is just once again, a fitting metaphor for my life and how my mind navigates it.

After three months of feeling lost, unmotivated, and sometimes depressed, I’m pulling myself back together. Slowly, of course.

Unfortunately, a couple good days doesn’t mean it’s all better and I’m back to feeling enthusiastic about living again, no. But it’s a reminder of what’s possible.

One of my biggest downfalls in trying to pull my life together is the constant anticipation of things and right now, I have quite a transition coming up.

I’m anticipating packing, moving, and visiting my family in Erie. In addition to these, my goal is to get stable work before the Fall semester begins.

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Movin’ Out and Movin’ On


I can say I’ve gotten it together a bit. I’ve had time to process my choices and the new route I’m going on for the next year and a half. Now I’m figuring out how to move forward.

In addition to the longer-term change I’ve made, I have a shorter lived change coming up soon, too. I’m moving.

It’s kind of exciting. This is my first real move I’ve made on my own. I’m not going far, just to another part of Philadelphia, closer to the university.

I’ll miss my roommates, the kitties, and my neighborhood. West Philly is awesome, it has so much (various grocery stores, beer stores, Halal spots, pizza shops, etc). I need to stop reminding myself, I’ve been peeling off this band-aid slowly and painfully.

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