Off my rocker, again.


Human sandwich featuring Kat, Kyle and I. Photo by Redlite photos

It’s been awhile since I’ve made any seemingly drastic choices or life decisions.

But how can life be fun if you chose not to take them? One can breath freely knowing they’re doing what is right for them regardless of what everyone else thinks. It took me some time to figure it out, but I have made my “drastic” decision which in reality, is really no big deal.

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Finding Motivation while Lost

oriental plaza 3.JPG

When you feel figuratively lost, motivation is hard to create. This is how I’ve felt ever since I got home from South Africa.

I can’t tell if it’s because the past month was so ‘go-go-go’ and now I’m crashing (going into day six now) or if the feeling of having no idea what I’m doing in life is why. I feel lost.

I had one week to transition back to normal, but what is that and why do I want it? I only want normal because it makes sense, but perhaps I’m onto a new normal in my mind that isn’t exactly aligning with who I’ve been this past year.

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Another Trip in the Books


I just spent a month in South Africa I’m finding it a bit hard to believe, everything that has happened. It all happened so fast.

This time traveling was different than in the past. It always is obviously when your goal is to go somewhere new every time. There were two other conditions that really made this one different though: it was a school program and I was with the same ten people for an entire month.

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