Hello & thanks for stopping by my page.

I’m Kayla.

I’m a senior at Temple University studying communication, sociology, and Spanish.

As a student, I’ve had the opportunity to explore the many sides of media, from theory and interpersonal communication, to journalism and video production.

When I create media, my goal is to present truth and realism in ways that lead viewers to seek more. By telling the stories of those who are not often represented or highlighted as important or interesting, we can expose more unknown realities of our world.

Media has the power to shape minds and societies. As I create, I aim to push social boundaries and challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. By doing so, I hope to have my own input creating influential media that shapes minds for a better humanity.

I don’t care how I influence you. If I inspire you to act in any way that is positive for yourself , the people of our world, or for Mother Earth, I’ve completed my mission.