Movin’ Out and Movin’ On

I can say I’ve gotten it together a bit. I’ve had time to process my choices and the new route I’m going on for the next year and a half. Now I’m figuring out how to move forward.

In addition to the longer-term change I’ve made, I have a shorter lived change coming up soon, too. I’m moving.

It’s kind of exciting. This is my first real move I’ve made on my own. I’m not going far, just to another part of Philadelphia, closer to the university.

I’ll miss my roommates, the kitties, and my neighborhood. West Philly is awesome, it has so much (various grocery stores, beer stores, Halal spots, pizza shops, etc). I need to stop reminding myself, I’ve been peeling off this band-aid slowly and painfully.

On the other hand, I definitely won’t miss my commute. Saving time, money, my sanity and energy?! It can’t be beat.

I’ll be in my home for only thirty more days -wow- that’s weird to write.

It’s been difficult to adjust being back. I’m dropping to quarter time, preparing to move, and searching for work and new ways to creatively stretch myself into the next semester.

Clownin’ with Happy Is, photo by Jason Mahaffey

Like they say, there’s no rainbow without rain.

This next chapter is one I’m looking forward to.

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