Finding Motivation while Lost

oriental plaza 3.JPG

When you feel figuratively lost, motivation is hard to create. This is how I’ve felt ever since I got home from South Africa.

I can’t tell if it’s because the past month was so ‘go-go-go’ and now I’m crashing (going into day six now) or if the feeling of having no idea what I’m doing in life is why. I feel lost.

I had one week to transition back to normal, but what is that and why do I want it? I only want normal because it makes sense, but perhaps I’m onto a new normal in my mind that isn’t exactly aligning with who I’ve been this past year.

I want to be weirder and stop fitting into this box my University has molded me to be in. It’s not them, it’s me. I molded into that box, that stereotypical box per say. I can be smart and weird, yeah?


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