Why did I call this post scrambles? I don’t know. Hell, I completely forgot I had this blog until I remember it only twenty minutes ago. Damn, this happens every time. Ironically, I write for Temple Update and write an entire story for them about every two weeks, while forgetting about my personal blog for months. After tonight who knows, maybe I’ll disappear again…probably.

But let’s move past that…cause I’m writing, yay! So, what to say? Well, life is awesome. I live in a cool city, I have cool friends, and go to a pretty dope school. So, there’s that.

I’d like to address this election though as it has a ton of people down and it makes me hurt for our country. Although I have loads to say in person, I’m not gonna get loud on the screen. It will get lost in the countless posts, writings, and opinions floating out on the internet, with a small icon of my face representing the person behind the message. Perhaps I’ve posted some little things, but I’m gonna be real, if you want to get a more theoretical and deep response from me about the election, just ask me.

Plus, he doesn’t deserve any more media attention. Psh, saying it’s rigged, we made you…bitch..

I guess I’m done writing tonight. Peace!

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